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Flameworking Workshops

Melissa runs workshops from her studio in Knowle, Solihull. She is a qualified teacher with many years of teaching experience.

​Please get in touch if you would like to book a workshop.


Flameworking, otherwise known as Lampworking, is the craft of melting glass rods in a flame until molten, and then using gravity and various tools to shape the glass into beads, figures, or other items. Lampworking got its name from artists some time ago that used hot lamps to melt their glass. We will be exploring this using a blow torch to melt rods of Murano glass on a metal rod called a mandrel.


You will create a collection of beads using a variety of techniques that you are able to take home with you on the following day. This is due to the nature of glass and the need to anneal your beads in a kiln.

​ In the workshop we will cover the following aspects:

Health and safety of Flameworking.


Holding the glass and mandrels.

Applying glass onto a mandrel.

Applying different types of glass (Transparent and Opaque).

Use of decorative media (millefiori, frit, glass dots and spirals, glass threads).

Surface design and decoration.


What is included?

Glass rods in a variety of colours to use in the workshop.

Use of all tools and equipment e.g. blow-torch, kiln, enamel powders in a range of colours, decorative media etc.

Tea, coffee and biscuits to keep us going! Maybe even cake if you are lucky...

Tuition on Flameworking with Melissa Keskinkilinc.

Information about retailers for equipment and supplies if you would like to continue to explore flameworking after the workshop!

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