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Where it all started...

I first discovered Enamelling in Sixth Form, where I was pointed in the direction of a dusty box of enamel powders. I set up my own little corner of the room and very quickly learnt what could and could not go into a kiln. At University I received a grant and bought my own kiln, which was a very exciting day!


I now have my own studio that I create work and teach workshops from.  

Hello! Melissa here, from Melissa's Melting Pot...



Having spent my childhood by the sea, memories of that time are reflected in my work, which tends to merge with other passions such as teaching.


Through using my skills as a primary and early years specialist, I love to run workshops for all ages from my studio in Knowle, Solihull via hands-on demonstrations.

Enamel Work .png


Enamel is powdered glass that is applied to metal and then fired in a kiln. There are numerous techniques in enamelling such as Sifting, Stencilling, Sgraffito, Cloisonné, Basse Taille, Champleve and Plique-a-jour to name a few. The photos above show some of the different stages that a piece will go through in the making process.



Lampworking or flameworking, is the process of using a blow torch to melt rods of glass, creating new forms and functions. Glass is a material that is classed as both a solid and a liquid, so being able to change a fragile material into something pliable was magical. I still find watching lamp workers mesmerising and could sit and watch glass work all day!


Glass Blowing...​

​I found the material of glass fascinating and wanted to push the boundaries, so decided to try different glass working techniques. At an evening class in Plymouth I also discovered glass blowing and fell in love with it. Taking a piece of molten honey like glass and shaping it with only a piece of damp newspaper is magical. I love adding colours and creating patterns in the glass, twisting it whilst hot and reheating as needed. It is exciting, addictive and very hot work, with temperatures often in the 800/1000 degrees!


Glass Fusing...​

​I love how glass looks with the sunshine lighting it up! Fused glass is an amazing way that this happens, with bright colours and exciting patterns created in flat pieces of glass, which are then slumped in the kiln to add shape and form. I am still learning and exploring fusing, however love how you can create a beautiful piece with details as even a beginner - shown by my amazing students!

Day 5.JPG


I have recently taken up felting again, after a long break since college! I love how you can create landscapes and seascapes through adding small pieces of felt. Its like painting a picture but using textiles! 

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