Enamelling with the Enamellers guild...

I have been a member of the Enamellers guild for a few years now and have only been to one meeting so far... So I thought this year that should change, and I signed up for the workshop/meeting last weekend with Ruth Ball.

We experimented with surface design and how to create a matte finish on enamelled pieces. It was really interesting, that is when I finally found the English bridge workshop (the place it was  held at). 

Ruth was an amazing teacher and really very modest about her ability, here are some photos of her stuff...

Beautiful! You can check out her website at: www.ruthballenameldesign.com 

Here are some examples of the work produced...

And these are my four pendants!

I also found that being in a place that had lots of experts who had been enamelling for years was very inspiring and I had loads of inspiration and ideas through talking to the other members of the guild.

I will definitely be attending the next meeting! The moral of this story is to try new things even if they seem a bit scary  at first, because most of the time if you put yourself out there only good things happen! 


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