Assessment in Art..?

Assessment in Art and Design... Is it nessisary? 

What does assessing art achieve? 

Why assess art?

We discussed this in our art seminar and came up with a list of reasons for assessing art 

Do you assess art? Or do you not see the point? What is the value is assessing art? This really made me think. I've not seen a huge amount of assessment in art and have found that the others in my art group haven't either, and some of the assessment I have seen has been very subjective and inconsistent throughout the school. I have also seen some amazing assessment of art in other schools and they have used success criterias and peer and self assessment to look at children's art and level it.

Does art need levels though?

Or is it just like Maths, English Science etc... 

This is a question to think about and consider as art is unique as a subject in that assessment can be subjective and should be based on skills and techniques, in contrast to personal opinion.


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