Sarah Downham Lotto

Last week on the course we had two art trips, one was to visit the Plymouth College of Art and Design (PCAD) to see an artist's exhibit and work with her, then we visited her studio to continue working on a collaberative piece of artwork.

The amazing artist we worked with was Sarah Downham Lotto who works with mixed media and collage to create amazing pieces of work. Have a mooch at her work, her website is 

An example of her work
We started out with a HUGE sheet of paper and with black marker pens we added shapes, lines and doodles inspired by her work (which featured a lot of circles as you'll see in the pictures below.

Then we added colour using coloured inks.

And then added detail with coloured tissue paper and crepe paper.

I will be honest, I didn't like certain aspects when completing this work, but actually when reflecting on it all of the different aspects work well together and I did enjoy making it and liked the outcome. It's defiantly something that I would do with children in a classroom or as an extra curricular project as it is a fun piece of work. Also because it's collaberative this means that the children have to work together which is always interesting to watch!


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