Art Trip to St Ives!

Our second 'field trip' last week was on the Friday to St Ives! And it was BEAUTIFUL weather!!! Which for those of you in the South West of England will be a surprise!

We went to the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Gallery first which was really lovely. I will be honest, I wasn't quite sure whether it would be any good or if it would be dull but the education officer there is absolutely lovely and so informative! 

You can see into what would have been her studio and see pieces that she was working on before she died.

Here are some pictures from the Garden:

After that we went to the studios attached to the Tate St Ives and thought about what we might use in a medium term plan linking the subjects with activities you could do at the gallery, we also looked at potential challenges and possibilities when planning trips.

This was the view from the window!

We then had some free time in St Ives, so it was off to the beach!


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