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Reflecting on my summer placement...

Okay, so I know that this is a bit of a late reflection but since we split up from uni I have been off holidaying and visiting family out in Turkey, so haven't really had a chance to reflect properly on here yet :)

I had my placement at an amazing school which was in a federation...  And to be honest I didn't know what a federation was until this placement! It is where two or more schools are linked together with the same executive head teacher, they then have the same set up as any other school; so a head teacher, deputy heads etc. But what makes these schools special is that they do the same topics at the same time so you should be able to look at two year 4 children's books and find that they have done the same work that week; even though they're in different schools and classes.
I had an amazing experience at the school, and enjoyed being in year 4 which surprised me as I've only been in with lower KS1/ EYFS really before so this was a completely new age group …