Glassy Things!

As a hobby I do Enamelling which is melting glass powder onto a metal to create pattern or effects, and at the most recent fair with the Guild of Enamellers we exhibited at the NEC Hobbycraft, Fashion and Stitch show. The Guild of Enamellers website can be found here: and they welcome beginners happily.

At this show I met an amazing lampworker [I will explain what this means later :) ] called Ray Skene who's website is:, who I watched for hours as he melted and manipulated glass rods into loads of different shapes. He then allowed me to try making a glass bead which I was so excited about as it looked like it was such fun and a brilliant skill to learn. After making my first bead I was hooked and Ray told me about the Flame Off event which happens once a year and is an amazing glass event where you can go along and try your hand over the two days at lampwork.

I have mentioned lampwork a couple of times now and all I mean by this is the art of melting glass to create forms and shapes using a blow torch. Admittedly within school I cannot imagine it being allowed or even considered but its such and amazing craft I thought I would write about it.

Here are some photos of my glass work :)


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