Design and Technology :)

Personally I love DT and think that it should be taught in all schools but sometime it is overlooked and pushed aside for other subjects as teachers are not comfortable in teaching DT because of the equipment and subject knowledge that is needed, and also that it is seen as as dangerous using saws etc...

In our DT session we covered a lot of basic skills such as sawing, joining, shaping and finishing of materials and products. As we are in a mixed class a range of people had different skills within this subject and just because some people were comfortable with these skills others had never picked up a saw and could not have pointed out a hack saw from any other type of saw.

Within Design and Technology there are three different sections to consider which are:

Focused Practical Tasks

Investigate, Disassemble, Evaluation Activity

Design and Make Activity 

We started off by talking about reclaimed materials, and were asked 

"Why do we use reclaimed materials?"

After discussing this in depth we came up with three answers that we felt were the most important reasons which were:

Easy to get hold of

Economically means that it is cheaper

Promote recycling

Here are some photos of what we did:


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