More work on Illustration...

This week we learnt about how children's book illustrations use techniques, methods and approaches including visual elements (such as line, tone and colour) to create characterisation, and also looked into interpreting the work of a chosen illustrator through a 2D practical activity.

To begin the session we looked at the books which we had brought in with us and discussed our books in relation to the prompt questions which Sadie had given us which were:

What is the Illustrator trying to communicate? How are they doing it?

Thinking about colour, composition, materials, scale, size, emotions, where the text is placed and the relationship between the illustration and text.

Through discussion I thought about this in regards to the book which I had brought in called
'Doing the Animal Bop - by Jan Ormerod and Lindsey Gardiner'
and some things which came up were that I thought about how the illustrator was trying to convey different emotions such as shock, content, happiness and cheekiness on the monkeys faces. How the text if read aloud creates a sing song tune whilst the animals illustrate and relate to the text quite literally, and that the placing of the animals and text being in the middle of the page is in order to draw the eye in.

From this we then set off on our task to begin by copying these illustrations and here is what I ended up with...

A close up of my illustration...

My desk which shows the mediums which I used to create this illustration.


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