I have just finished my two week placement at a local school, and to be honest I wish it had lasted longer! Two weeks doesn't feel like nearly long enough as it feels like we were just getting settled with the routine, children, staff and being a part of the school. My school was a lovely one form entry primary school which had a farm, tree trail and nature path attached to it which the school made the most of by running things like forest school.

In the first week we started to get settled and into the swing of teaching and being in school full time. The early mornings were the main thing to deal with in my opinion! Plus the 'teacher clothes' which were smart but also practical to wear as I was with year 2 which means you need to be able to sit on the floor, kneel etc.

It felt like I was back at school as we made our packed lunches round at the flat next door to me with the two boys who were also on their teaching placements. We had a lovely variety of chicken, ham and chocolate spread sandwiches for the two weeks (cut into triangles as they seem like happier shapes). Plus we had to go shopping and buy ourselves nice food as well for lunch (by this I mean chocolate) and some fruit in a vague attempt at being healthy :)

My class were lovely, they had a couple of character in but they all got on well enough and over the two weeks we only had a couple of upsets - the usual "he/she said they aren't my friend anymore". There were only 7 girls in the class of 30 which personally I hadn't encountered before and it meant that it was a very boy dominated class so the topics had to appeal to the majority of the class.

I really loved my experience in that school and feel I have gained an awful lot from it, even if some of it is trivial things such as make sure you are friends with the TA's as they make the coffee if your on duty, and that the secretary knows everything and everyone! The experience was really good and I was sad to leave my class as I knew the children and they had gotten use to me and Alex being members of staff.

By the end of the two weeks they could even say Miss Keskinkilinc!! (said kes kin ku lunch) which I was very impressed with as I thought I would end up being Miss K!


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