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Lack of blog posts recently...

I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently! It's just been such a manic couple of weeks/month!

With placement which was brilliant - I had year two which was lovely as they were just finding their feet as a class but still found everything quite new and exciting.

Then our assignment which was on high quality teaching and learning in core subjects supported by recent experience and academic reading, presented as a portfolio of work whilst trying to ensure I actually referenced correctly!

And finally other aspects of Uni life such as actually finding a fork amongst the mass of dirty grimy things in the kitchen - Honestly... you would be appalled! Plus having a social life and going out or round friends for film nights or halo nights!

So all in all it's been a manic couple of weeks but I wouldn't have it any other way! Watch this space for any updates as I'll be catching up on blogging over these holidays :)


I have just finished my two week placement at a local school, and to be honest I wish it had lasted longer! Two weeks doesn't feel like nearly long enough as it feels like we were just getting settled with the routine, children, staff and being a part of the school. My school was a lovely one form entry primary school which had a farm, tree trail and nature path attached to it which the school made the most of by running things like forest school.

In the first week we started to get settled and into the swing of teaching and being in school full time. The early mornings were the main thing to deal with in my opinion! Plus the 'teacher clothes' which were smart but also practical to wear as I was with year 2 which means you need to be able to sit on the floor, kneel etc.

It felt like I was back at school as we made our packed lunches round at the flat next door to me with the two boys who were also on their teaching placements. We had a lovely variety of chicken, ham and ch…

Art Sketchbook Development

I chose to continue to develop my work using the impressionist style which we used in our seminar. Here are some examples of my sketchbook work and a final development piece using this style.

These photos below document the stages of my final developmental piece of work in the impressionist style. We used a limited palette when creating our pieces to see the range of colours you could make.