Teaching Art Movements.

In our Art seminar we were learning about three key art movements which were Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Fauvism. I've never actually had to do any work on any of these art movements so it seemed like a huge task to take on in a two hour seminar, but actually worked really well as we not only covered the main points of each style but also did a quick painting for each as well.

We began by discussing photographs of famous artists work such as 'The Torn Hat - by Thomas Sully' and 'The Luncheon of the Boating Party - by Pierre Auguste Renoir' and the question put to us was "Why do Artists choose to use certain colours?"  We discussed this and came to the conclusion that there are many different reasons such as to represent emotion and colour, to add life to pictures, highlight key areas whilst throwing shadows on those which you wish to be more mysterious, and to draw the viewers eye into the picture. Also looking at shades of the same colour we decided that if you use more muted tones it gives it a more lonely or cold feel but if you add bright colours it emphasises the vibrancy and cheerfulness of the atmosphere.

 Then we went on to look at the impressionists and concentrated on a key artist during this movement which was Monet. I really enjoyed painting in an impressionist style as it suits my type/style of art. I liked how our tutor Sadie explained the impressionists as people who from a limited palette used these colours to build up an almost dotted or blurred image which from far away looks like the observed object but close up may resemble a series of dabs of colour.

We then went on to look at the Post Impressionists and a key artist in this movement was Van Gogh. He used the new bright colours which were coming out as pigments in a larger and more vivid array of colours and used more lines to create tone and movement in his pictures. Below is my attempt at this.

Finally, we looked at Fauvism which is when you use the opposite colours to what you would generally expect in a picture. I found this style quite fun to attempt but it was really rushed as i ran out of time!


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