Reflection on our lesson...

To analyse the lesson which me, Jennifer and Laura team taught I have used a SWOT analysis which is the method which they use in business. We had to teach a group of 7/8 children at Holy Cross Primary School for an Art Lesson. We had year 6 children meaning that we had to gauge where they were at already to ensure we were helping them progress and learn. We taught two groups the same task and in both groups there was a mix of abilities, using the carousel of children technique.


* Division of Roles within our group – we team taught with one person acting as the main teacher, one as the TA and one as the observer.

* Feedback – at the end of the session we had a group discussion/plenary in which we asked the children what they thought they had learnt and they responded with ‘we now know it’s important to look at what you are drawing and not draw what you think it looks like’

* Picture resources – the children could relate to the pictures we based this task on as they had seen these places in Plymouth and this meant they were more comfortable and talked to us about them

* Organisation – we had the pictures, equipment and resources laid out on the children’s tables with exactly what they would need for this task


* Timings – we didn’t plan/leave enough time for activities meaning we had to take out our extended task at the end

* Questions at the Start – were too open and the children didn’t feel comfortable enough with us to answer without thinking they might get it wrong

* Organisation – we did not print off enough picture resources for each child to have one so had to photocopy them before the lesson making us feel we looked disorganised


* Could have split into two groups for feedback as the children may feel more comfortable in two smaller groups

* If the lesson was longer then we could have included the extended task

* Could do a plenary in the middle of the task and use it to gain the children’s attention if they go off task instead of at the end

* Could use a more exciting material such as charcoal or paint to expand their material base


* If a child had refused to partake/participate in our task or activity

* If we had done the same activity as another group meaning the children had rotated round the same activity twice

* If we had not been given the correct amount of resources by the school


  1. I like how you have written a very honest relection of your lesson. I find the best way to learn is through being critical of yourself and make positive changes. Really good.


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