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Our homework this week was to reflect on what qualities we had and what areas needed development, it was interesting to actually have to think about what I thought I did well and what needed development, maybe take a moment to think about what your good qualities or attributes are and if you have any areas that need development? I found it easier to identify areas that i thought personally could be developed thsn writing about what my attributes were.

What good qualities/attributes do you have?

I am a good communicator as I can get my point across and if someone doesn't understand I will try to explain it in a different way, approachable so children, parents or colleagues would feel that they are able to come to me with problems, caring meaning that i will try my best to ensure that everyone is okay and if there is something wrong i will listen to them, creative - pretty important as an art specialist! Enthusiastic - hoping that this will get children excited about different topics, understanding so i can look at things from others points of views, a good listener meaning people feel comfortable talking to me, and patient meaning that i know through creating my own art that practice makes perfect!

What areas need development?

I need to develop my technological abilities and typing skills [I am such a slow typer and only use one hand and two fingers to type!], my punctuality and timekeeping skills [I'm not sure how but I always seem to either be running late or turn up just in time], my subject knowledge of certain subjects like science or music, and my organisational skills [if I don't file things away as I finish them then they end up in a precarious leaning tower of paper which at any moment could mean disaster!].

How will you target these areas that need development?

I will do this by filing away work as soon as it is finished into my pretty rainbow of folders, I have recently invested in a really pretty watch meaning I now have no excuse to be late [I'm also setting a load of alarms], my typing and technological abilities, plus subject knowledge will grow though practice [meaning more blogging :)]

The box was made by my Nursery Kids :) - I miss them!

Looking very colourful and organised!

My Filofax planner :) to make sure I get to the right lectures!


  1. Wow this blog has really grown! - The course looks fantastic - Can see why you took it! :-)


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