Education Studies - Petcha Kutcha Presentations

Today we did Petcha Kutcha Presentations in Education Studies, these are a great way of ensuring that you don't overrun your allotted time as they have a set template which is 20 Slides x 20 Seconds meaning that each Petcha Kutcha presentation lasts a total of 6 minutes 40 seconds.

We began by questioning what we meant by the word Professional, and whether this differs from Professionalism, a Profession and a Professional. We also looked at the roles of a teacher and whether they were all positive, negative or a mixture of the two. I think that the roles of a teacher are linked with being a professional as a teacher has to ensure that they are doing their job to the best of their ability which results in their pupils learning more efficiently, although how they do this can vary. Many teachers take on different roles which are outside of their primary role - to teach - these would include things such as pastoral care, safeguarding, being the subject specialist or even running extra curricular clubs for children to partake in, but overall I think that as a teacher one of your main roles would be to ensure that the children in your care's Personal, Intellectual, Emotional and Social [PIES] needs are looked after.

In groups our task was to go away and 'Prepare a Petcha Kutcha presentation about the Professional - 20slides x 20secs' and most groups approached this task in the same or a similar manner creating a power point which they explained from slide to slide about the professional. Our group decide to approach this in a different manner and went with a quiz show type presentation in which we had two hosts, and two teams, the two teams were different teachers from the film Matilda so there was Team Honey and Team Trunchbull.

Reflecting on our approach to this task I liked the way that it meant we had done something different but it also meant that we had made the task a lot harder in itself as we had to ensure that in our pairs all our slides and what we were saying flowed and did not overlap from each other so I feel it would have been easier to create a simple slideshow in which everyone had 3 or 4 slides each to talk about, but I did think that our presentation stood out as being a bit different and a more creative approach.

I really liked that we had a set criteria with the Petcha Kutcha presentations and that if you knew what you were saying the 20 seconds flew by yet if you finished early or didn't talk it seemed to drag on forever, it was really interesting to see the difference in the sense of time.

It was also interesting to see how different people looked or appeared more confident or nervous presenting, you could tell that certain people were comfortable as they displayed good eye contact whereas others who maybe fidgeted looked slightly more nervous. More on this next week though as we are going to analyse our communication by looking back at the videos of us presenting [Yes, we were videoed!].


  1. This is a really good reflective account of life on this course at uni! I think that people considering taking up this kind of degree will be inspired by your commitment and interest in the subjects you cover!

    Keep it up!


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