Education Studies - Communication, Ethics and Digital Footprints

We had an Education Studies lecture #EEES403 on Communication, Ethic and Digital Footprints which looked at a range of messages from what we mean by ethics for example how it would affect a child who was badly behaved if you gave them a sticker chart - would this just reinforce to them that they had misbehaved and have a negative affect or could this improve their behavior?

This made me question and think about what my ethics would be as a teacher or a professional and if this differed from what they currently are. I think that ethics are how you look at things and feel about them morally, and I feel that generally I have quite a good moral compass meaning I am able to tell which behavior is right or wrong, distinguishing from an off day for a child to if they are deliberately misbehaving.

We also looked at communication and who the responsibility lay with to understand the information transmitted which personally I think is with the transmitter meaning that if they do not communicate what they want to in a way the listener can understand they should then try to find another way to communicate the message.Also certain things help with communication such as tone of voice, pace of voice, body language, eye contact, confidence and clarity of what you are saying, you can know all the information in the world but if you cant communicate it then you will not become an effective teacher.

I have researched communication and through this understand that communication is 'sorting, selecting, forming and transmitting signals between people to create meaning' [from a book by Kris Cole called Skills for Understanding and Being Understood]. In my opinion this means communication is thinking then deciding on what information you wish to share with another person, conveying this message through a method of communication and ensuring that they have understood what you have meant.

He also spoke about digital footprints and how you will have one if you have put anything on the internet, and how this is especially important as a teacher as you are a role model for the children in your class. This means that you should ensure that your Facebook settings are on privacy and you have positive footprints and not negative ones, so rather than purging yourself off the internet create a positive digital footprint through things such as creating a blog and using twitter as a professional tool to create a network of professionals.

I looked back at my own digital footprint and i have created websites before to display artwork such as which was to display my enamelling and artwork for my A2 Art and Design Projects on Nature and the Sea. I also think that this blog comes up when Googled but it comes up under a different name which I''m not sure about? This lecture has given me something to think about anyway about what sort of things you put up on the internet.


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