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After looking at what a line actually was we then moved on to create more dynamic pieces of work trying to use unique lines and experimenting with line to see the range we could create. The idea was to move fast and create dynamic exciting lines and through this we were:

'Not making a Picture, but Creating a Drawing'

We also talked about the medium we were using, Charcoal, and how many adults or even teenagers have preconceived ideas about using with 'messy' mediums meaning that they cannot freely explore as well as others who will try using the charcoal. Some of the people in the seminar even stated as we found out we were using charcoal that they 'didn't like it' or hated the feel of charcoal', Sadie [the tutor] then asked us if a child in your class refused to participate in an activity because they didn't want to or didn't like it how would this promote positive learning, it made me think about how we should try to challenge our preconceived ideas of things and try them before we decide we don't like them.

Here are photographs of the work which I created during this seminar.

We then stopped the task to give each other peer feedback, on a sheet of paper we wrote what our aim for this drawing was and underneath sketched out a table with the headings Good and To be Improved. My aim for example was 'To explore and experiment with a range of different lines and mark-making using charcoal' and walking around the room we all had similar aims meaning we had all understood the task. We did this in a table but could have easily done this in the 'two stars and a wish' strategy where you ask the children to think of two stars which are two things done well, and a wish which is something they can improve on.

Through discussion we decided that peer assessment meant that you could see where there was room for improvement but being from your peers you also felt supported and on a level playing field, whereas if the teacher had come round and told us all what to improve on I feel this would be inhibiting learning as it would feel you had done it wrong? What do you think?

Looking back at this projects title/them - Sea and Coastlines - we were asked to now look at our line drawings and look if we could see any shapes or pictures within our work. This felt like when you were younger and you looked up into the clouds trying to make pictures and shapes out of them. Below is my attempt at this :)


  1. I can see you're making great waves!!

  2. Nice Blog. You seem to really know your stuff! Loved the beach paintings.


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