Art - Blind Drawing

In today's seminar we started off by looking at line and thinking about experimenting with how we create line, our topic is 'Learning to Look' and to learn how to observe pictures we began by doing some blind drawings. 

Blind drawing is when you don't look at your paper whilst you are drawing meaning you actually have to observe your picture and draw what is there instead of what you expect to be there from your memory. I found that you don't realised how much of the paper you are using and that without looking at what you are drawing it feels like you have used more of the paper than what has been used. I also found that I was more comfortable using my left hand [non dominant] than my right hand which surprised me. Questioning why this was I found it felt that using my left hand I felt free to go wrong and for the drawing not to look like a copy of the photo it was based on.

Mine were based on the sea and waves. 

Drawn with my right hand not looking at the paper.

Drawn with my right hand using continuous line. 

Drawn with my left hand using continuous line.
We then moved onto doing a collaborative piece looking at line and control over line. To do this we had a sheet of paper on the floor and took it in turns to use the equipment - which was two sticks with sponges on the ends and a pot of black ink - and try mark-making on a larger scale. Using the sticks meant that we had less control and it created unique lines adding to the chaos of the piece.


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