Testing, Testing 1 2 3...

Hello to all those who have stumbled upon this blog,

I am a Primary BEd student with a specialism in Art and Design, and have got to create a reflective journal as part of my course to reflect on my practice. Therefore being relatively technologically challenged I thought I would improve this by writing my reflective journal not only in an actual notepad but also online to improve my computer skills.

I hope to be able to look back at this in a year or even three and be able to see an improvement in not only my reflection, teaching ability and practice but also my writing skills. Being an Art and Design specialist also I will be looking to improve my artistic skills aswell.

I will use this blog to reflect upon my teaching practices and would love it if anyone reading felt they could give me feedback, so feel free to comment on my posts on here. Thank you very much.

Speak soon, Melissa K xxx


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