Jack and the Beanstalk Project

For the first two weeks the whole of the Primary Ed cohort were to put on a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk, to be watched on the second Friday by the staff and PGCE students.

Now some people would be thrilled to be able to do a drama and music production in the first two weeks of their course but I will be honest, I was slightly dreading it. I am happy performing as I'm a Ballroom and Latin dancer which involves a lot of putting on shows and acting confident but that is within my comfort zone, acting is not. 

We were split into groups of approximately 25 students per group, and it was a real mix of not only specialisms but also personality's and talents meaning that we had a wide range of people. I found that this helped us to begin with as it meant that everyone was in the same boat and could make friends with peers outside of their specialisms and tutor groups, but nearer the end of the two weeks it meant we had clashes of personalities and opinions splitting the group up.

We had to learn three songs altogether but I found that through rehearsing the whole thing through we all picked up the songs really quickly and in no time were humming along to other groups songs. This really gelled us as a whole cohort and meant that we interacted with not only our group but felt comfortable joining in with others too.   

Although I had some preconceived ideas of what this project would be like it outdid all my expectations and after the first couple of sessions I found that I was approaching it with a more open mind and actually thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I would even say that I would be happy to do it again and a lot more comfortable if I were asked to put on a play or performance with a class.

I knew that this course would challenge me in different ways but I was dreading having to do music or drama and have found that I not only enjoyed it but the experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me more enthusiastic about teaching subjects which I don't consider myself much good at.


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