Art - Collaborative Piece

After having been around Plymouth collecting photo's and doing sketches last week, we then created a collaborative piece in groups based on Plymouth  It was up to us to decide how we were going to go about creating these collaborative pieces and different groups chose different approaching showing that a range of people can be given the same brief and starting point but end up with completely different results!

We decided to create a map of Plymouth showing where we had visited on our wander and have places enlarged such as the Art Gallery and Museum, the Lighthouse, the Barbican, and the University. To ensure that we were working collaboratively we all worked on each part adding our own touches to each others base drawings - using the idea/concept from those drawings which you did when you were little that you each drew a part of the person - this meant that we not only ended up with our final outcome as a collaborative piece but each element had everyone's input in it.

I think that this task was designed to make us more comfortable working with each other and making friends with one another as when you are working in a small group everyone gels a lot quicker than in a whole class and it gives the quieter students the opportunity to input their ideas in an environment that they may feel more confident sharing within. This therefore leads to the class forming a bond and a class identity be it us BEd students or a class of year 5 children as its a great way of ensuring that children or adults work together towards a shared goal.

Speak soon, Melissa K xxx


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