Art - Communication

For our first Art and Design Seminar [like a class of approx 30 students] we started off with a communication task and then looked at the body and how it is contoured.

To begin with we sat in pairs opposite one another, and gave ourselves the labels person A and person B, this was to stop any confusion with who is to do which part of the task. Then the person A or the communicator had to describe a piece of famous artwork by Picasso or Magritte by using good descriptive language to person B who was sat drawing what was communicated to them.

In this task I felt a lack of control and have discovered through this that i do not like having a lack of control over most situations, and although CJ was communicating well we didn't seem to be getting a 'proper' picture out of it.

We then switched roles and as the communicator I felt more in control and happier within the role, using hand gestures and descriptive language to get across the idea of the piece of famous artwork. Although I preferred this role as the communicator a lot more than the scribe role I still found it slightly frustrating not being able to lean across and point at where on the page things were placed or being able to just draw the picture for him.

We then moved onto looking at the human form and contouring through tinfoil sculptures, in which one person in a group of about 6 sat in an interesting position on the floor and we sculpted tinfoil over them. We then took the tinfoil carefully off them and watched it settle on the floor. I think this was a good way of exploring human or objects and how they are shaped.

Both of these activities would be well placed in the primary school, the drawing task is a good way to get the  children looking at how they use language and could be linked to improving their speaking and listening skills meaning it would be cross curricular looking at both Art and English. The tinfoil sculpting task could be linked to the topic in science of 'Life Processes and Living Things' which would fit into the task as it involves observing the human form and comparing different people [through their tinfoil sculptures] to show simularities and differences.

Speak soon, Melissa K xxx


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